War of the Worlds, What about peace ?

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Published as a separate pamphlet in Prickly Paradigm Press, edited by Marshall Sahlins, Chicago University Press, Chicago, 55 p. 2002 (version traduite amplifiée et modifiée de article modified and amplified from ( 81) translated in part by Charlotte Brigg)


If one takes seriously the notion of cosmopolitics developped by Isabelle Stengers and the diplomatic work it entails, one is engaged in a rethinking of the link between cultures and natures –now in the plural- ; it is argued here that the extension of nature can no longer count as the diplomatic way of creating a common world ; alternatives are explored including the notion of constructivisme, an unlikely candidate at first, but a good possibility in the end.


2003: Italien / Italian
« Guerre di mondi, offerte di pace. Ci si può intendere davvero sulla base della natura? » in Agalma n° 4 gennaoio, p. 11-25

2003: Allemand / German
« Krieg der Welten -Wie Wäre es Mit Frieden? » in Peter Weibel and Günther Holler-Schuster (editors), M-ARS Kunst und Krieg, p. 456-486, Graz: Hajte Cantzt, translated by Gustav Roßler. [Republication en livret à part / republication as an independant pamphlet Krieg der Welten – Wie Wäre es mit Freiden, Merve Verlag Berlin, 2004]