Another take on the Science and Religion debate

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Paper prepared for the Templeton series on Science, Religion and Human Experience, Santa Barbara, California. "Thou Shall Not Freeze-Frame » – or How not to Misunderstand the Science and Religion Debate" in James D. Proctor (editor) Science Religion and the Human Experience, Oxford University Press, pp.27-48, 2005


Like other articles (43), (79), this article pursues the comparison between the religious and the scientific regimes of enunciations ; it tries in particular to explore the conditions of felicity of religious talks by distinguishing it from information ‘double click’ and shows that the link between belief and religion is a category mistake ; drawing on some of the iconograpy assembled for Iconoclash, it shows how scientific and religious images differ in the path they establish between successive images.


2004: Portugais / Portuguese
« Nao Congelaras a Imagem ou : Como Nao Desentender o Debate Ciencia-Religiao », par Amir Geiger in Mana Vol. 10 : n°2 pp.349-376

2007: Espagnol / Spanish
« No congelaras la imagen. O como no desentenderse del debate ciencia-religion », par Carlos Alberto Pasero in Etnografías contemporáneas Buenos Aires, vol 3, n°3, pp.17-43

2009: Repris en livre / Republication in book
(XIII) Duke University Press

2013: Allemand/German
« ‘Du soolst Dir kein Standbild machen’ Oder : Wie man den Streit zwsischen Wissenschaft und Religion nicht missversteht » edited by Julian Müller Fink Verlag, Unbestimmtheit, 2013, pp. 69-90.