Paris: Invisible City

(VIII) 1998
Paris: Invisible City

Date: 2006 [with Emilie Hermant]
Translator(s): Liz Carey-Libbrecht
Language: English
Virtual Book: Paris: Invisible City Online


A photographic enquiry into social theory about the city of Paris with special attention to its technical «oligoptica », a concept necessary to replace that of « panoptica ». With a very experimental layout (see Mixed Media section to live through the experience).

Original Title

Paris ville invisible

Date: April 2009
Publisher: Les Empêcheurs de penser en rond & Le Seuil (avec Emilie Hermant)
Language: French
Virtual Book: Paris : Ville Invisible

Autre traductions

Parigi citta' invisible

Parigi citta' invisible

Date: April 2009
Translator(s): Silvia Macchi
Language: Italian
Virtual Book: Parigi Citta Invisibile

Paris Ciudad Invisible

Paris Ciudad Invisible

Date: 2010
Publisher: Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Mexico City
Translator(s): Antonio Arellano Hernandez
Language: Spanish
Virtual Book: Paris Ciudad Invisible