Jubilieren, Über Religiöse Rede

(X) 2002
Jubilieren, Über Religiöse Rede

Date: May 2011
Publisher: Suhrkamp
Translator(s): Achim Russer
Language: German


An exploration of a type of enunciation, recognizable in religious speech-acts, that is characterized by its unability to transport information or communication. In order to study this regime of enunciation a specific style has to be adopted that revisits the Christian tradition in which the author has been raised. The emphasis is being put on the difficulties of this speech act, difficulties that are mimicked by the hesitating style. But the effort is also analytical since it is part of a larger project to compare regimes of enunciation. Thus, the book tries to sort out two specific questions: what is the modus Thoperandi of the invention of new tradition on the one hand; what sort of beings are those that are so sensitive to the quality of the speech-act, on the other.

Original Title

Jubiler ou les difficultés de l’énonciation religieuse

Date: 2002
Publisher: Les Empêcheurs
republication La Découverte
Language: Français