How not to be too mistaken about Trump -translation of an oped in Le Monde

Posted: November 13, 2016

Translation by Clara Soudan & Jaeyoon Park of a piece in Le Monde 12-12-16 publié par la Los Angeles Review of Book
The question is now whether the tragedy of the 8.11, following after the Brexit one, can help us avoid what happens next. Can we get away from both utopias, that of the global just as well as that of the return to an old soil? For this we should attempt to land on a slightly more solid, realist and durable earth. For the moment unfortunately the ecological crisis is the elephant in the room and we act as if nothing was happening, as if the choice was either to bravely keep going forward to the future, or to hold on to the past. Trump and his followers even chose to deny the very existence of such crisis.