Waiting for Gaia. Composing the common world through art and politics.

Waiting for Gaia. Composing the common world through art and politics. application/pdf icon

in Albena Yaneva & Alejandro Zaera-Polo (eds.), What is Cosmopolitical Design?, Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 21-33, 2015


Initially written as a lecture at the French Institute for the lauching of SPEAP in London, in November 2011.
There is no single institution able to cover, oversee, dominate, manage, handle, or simply trace ecological issues of large shape and scope. Many issues are too intractable and too enmeshed in contradictory interests. We have problems, but we don't have the publics that go with them. How could we imagine agreements amid so many entangled interests? We will review several attempts to tackle ecological problems by connecting the tools of scientific representation with those of arts and politics and present the program of Experimentation on Arts and Politics which has been running at Sciences Po since September 2010.


Language: German
Date: 2013
Translator: Joachim Schulte
Reference: « Warten auf Gaia. 
Komposition der gemeinsamen Welt durch Kunst und Politik » in Michael Hagner (editor) Wissenschaft und Demokratie, Editions Unseld, p. 163-188.

Language: Spanish
Date: 2012
Translator: Sylvina Cucchi « Esperando a Gaia. Componer el mundo común mediante las artes y la política »
Reference: in Cuadernos de Otra parte. Revista de letras y artes, N° 26 Ivierno 2012, p.67-76, 2012.

Language: Polish
Titre: « Katarzyna Sloboda Czekajac na Gaje. Komponowanie wspolnego swiata poprzez sztuke I opilityke »
Traduction: Katarzyna Sloboda
Reference: Ekologie pp. 157 174

Language: Portuguese
Reference: « Esperando Gaia. A composiçao de un Mundo em comum per meio da Arte e da Politica » ‘Brainstorm’ catalog of an exhibition.
Date: May 2013
Place: 9eme Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre

Language: Dutch
Het Parlement Van de Dingen, 202
Boom, Amsterdam. pp 43-66

Traduction: Chinese
TDAIC (Taiwan Digital Art and Information center)