Trains of thoughts —Piaget, Formalism and the Fifth Dimension

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In Common Knowledge Winter 1997, Vol.6 n°3, pp. 170-191 [also published in a slighlty different version « Trains of Thought. The Fifth Dimension and its Fabrication » in Thinking Time (edited by A.N. Perret-Clermont, J.M. Barrelet, A. Flammer, D. Mieville, J.F. Perret & W. Perrig) «Swiss Monographs in Psychology» published by Hogrefe and Hupher Publishers, Gottingen and Bern, 2005, pp.173-187]


There is a traditionnal opposition between the time/space categories of physics and the lived space and time of phenomenology. The paper, using Piaget’s understanding of formalism as an anti-model, explores how this dichotomy has been devised, why it cannot be sustained as soon as the study of scientific and technical practice re-embeds time and space production inside metrological networks, and, finally, offers an alternative account of time and space production that is based on another theory of « the exploration » of Being.


Traduction: française
Titre: "Jean Piaget, le formalisme et la cinquième dimension", suivi d’un commentaire par Myriam Suchet
Traduction: Lucas Faugère
Revue: Ecritures, 2017, N°9 p. 57-86
Date: 2017