Two postfixes “logy” and “graphy”, but one prefix only: Gaia

Two postfixes “logy” and “graphy”, but one prefix only: Gaia application/pdf icon

A lecture given at the Royal Anthropological Institute conference on Geography and Anthropology, Past Present Future,
16 September 2020


I will start from a fairly old, not to say reactionary, formulation of the problem: which people live on which soil? This will recast the question of the symposium, as I understand it, on the new connections between geography and anthropology.
I will use the lockdown episode due to the pandemic as a fairly good natural experiment, so to speak, because everyone of us had to undergo a sort of general revision of the two aspects of this problem: we had to relocalise on a different soil because, suddenly, the borders between the global, the national and the local were reshuffled; and we had to rethink quite seriously which sort of people we were, especially because of the sudden suspension of the Economy and the revelation of class differences that had previously remained in the background. So, in effect, the lockdown is adding a very practical, not to say existential dimension, to the academic question of connecting geography and anthropology anew.