English translation by Timothy Howles of the AOC piece on "economisation"

Posted: June 7, 2020

It would certainly be a shame to lose too quickly all the benefit of what Covid-19 has revealed to be essential. In the midst of the chaos, of the world crisis that is to come, of the grief and suffering, there is at least one thing that everyone has been able to grasp: something is wrong with the economy. First of all, of course, because it seems that it can be suspended in one fell swoop; it no longer has the appearance of an irreversible movement that can neither slow down, nor by any means stop, without risk of catastrophe. Next, because all those in lockdown have noticed that class relations, which were solemnly declared to have been abrogated, have become as visible as they were in the time of Dickens or Proudhon: the revaluation of values has taken a serious hit, adding a new spin to the famous Gospel injunction: “the first (those at the top) will be last and the last (those at the bottom) will be first” (Matthew 19:30).