Against critique, for critique

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“Against critique, for critique” in Elizabeth Graw (editor) The Value of Critique, Campus Verlag Frankfurt, 2019, 15-30


Although I'm not against critique, my paper has been put into a section called Against Critique. Critique is not one of the topics I have worked on very much apart from one single paper to explain why “it has run out of steam”. So I'm slightly worried that the other authors might not be happy because I'm asked to write about a topic I tried to convince Isabelle Graw I know nothing about. Nevertheless, I applaud the undertaking of having a symposium on the value of critique on the 18th January 2017 the day before the United States of America enters an extraordinary deconstructionist effort that will probably lead to its own irrelevance and maybe demise by inaugurating the new president whose name it is best not to pronounce. I also endorse the effort to publish our thoughts on the topic. The tragedy of the inauguration tomorrow is something, which I'm keeping in mind while writing.