A long and detailed piece in the New York Times Magazine dated 25th of October by Ava Kofman

Posted: October 25, 2018

Don't be put off by the title which is not from the journalist! It is accessible on NYT page apparently free
Crowded into the little concrete room, we were seeing gravity as Latour had always seen it — not as the thing in itself, nor as a mental representation, but as scientific technology allowed us to see it. This, in Latour’s view, was the only way it could be seen. Gravity, he has argued time and again, was created and made visible by the labor and expertise of scientists, the government funding that paid for their education, the electricity that powered up the sluggish computer, the truck that transported the gravimeter to the mountaintop, the geophysicists who translated its readings into calculations and legible diagrams, and so on. Without this network, the invisible waves would remain lost to our senses. For a few moments, Latour stood reverently before the rolling waves on the screen. Then he said to the assembled scientists, as though he were admiring a newborn child, “Beautiful — you must be really proud.”
ANd the image if of BL genuflecting by the gravitometer!!