Publication in French of Facing Gaia before its publication in English

Posted: September 13, 2015

Some explanation on the fate of the Gifford Lectures given in February 2013. I had put the text of the lecture on the web thinking it could be published soon with Polity. However, I had a lot of work to do with AIME and many new thoughts on the question of Gaia. In the meantime, I had them translated in French. When I started to prepare the French publication, I rewrote them entirely and added two new lectures. The argument is, I hope, much better and more focused and sharp, but now only in French. It will be issued in October by La Découverte. So now I have to ask the remarkable Cathy Porter to translate the brand new French version in English. The topics covered are the same as with the Gifford lectures, but the text is entirely different. So apologies for the delay. Polity should be able to issue it early 2017.