The Digital Platform for AIME has now its fourth column!

Posted: October 1, 2013

The digital platform is now fully active including the fourth column! Congratulations to the AIME team of engineer, designers and organizers who worked to beat the September deadline. As of October 24th, we consider that the digital functions are completed (of course they need a lot of further work) and that we can concentrate our attention fully to the process of the inquiry.
In addition to the text, the platform includes the index/glossary/vocabulary, a large documentation including of course what is traditionally present in footnotes (quotations and bibliographies) but vastly augmented by films, artist galleries, special works commissioned for the platform and of course a lot of pdf.
It now has a contribution column (not a commentary column!) for adding, correcting, subtracting and in general enlarging the content of the project. For the moment the contributions are either or public. When you send it for publication, you benefit from the work of a group of six mediators who will play the role of editors and facilitators before your contribution appears to everyone in the column.
All of that is accessible through an an interface which we find very elegant and which begins to point at something akin to "digital bibliophily". Something that is really worthy of the label "digital humanities". In any case, nothing like what you have experienced on e-books or kindle...
You may want to access the site follow the twitter feed @AIMEproject or @modesofexistence
The paper book is now on sale in the US and in the UK.