"Passions Gaia" in Toulouse

Posted: September 6, 2013

The play "Gaia Global Circus" has been played in French in Toulouse over the week end of September 27 to 29 with great success.
In addition many activities (in French and in English) will occur during the two weeks until October 11. This includes a very interesting evening, on Monday the 7th with lectures by Clive Hamilton and Oliver Morton "the time of controversies".
Those lectures will complete a day devoted to the "Controversies mapping award' that mobilizes the consortium called "Demoscience" and that coordinates the teaching of controversies mapping throughout the world (including the big French project FORCCAST).
Probably the most interesting (and bilingual) event will be the meeting on the 9th of October where we will compare the various arts that have to deal with ecological matters (and specifically Gaia). We will have an amazing roster of artists — including Tomas Saraceno, Adam Lowe, Richard Powers, etc. — who will compare their various media with the problems raised by the climatologists and social scientists present.