The Politics of Explanation: an Alternative

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In Steve Woolgar (editor) Knowledge and Reflexivity, New Frontiers in the Sociology of Knowledge Sage, London, pp.155-177, 1988


Methodological article that traces a path between scientistic self-contradictory accounts of science and reflexivists self-destructive accounts of science; pleads for an infra-reflexivity based on new literary forms rather than for meta-reflexivity.


1996: Italien / Italian
« La politica della spiegazione: un’ alternativa » in Federico Neresini (editor) Interpretazione e ricerca sociologica, QuattroVenti, Urbino, pp.151-182

2018: French/Français
“Politiques de l’explication: une alternative” par Lucas Faugère in Ecritures numéro 10 p. 15-48