On interobjectivity

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In Mind, Culture, and Activity: An International Journal Traduction [English revised and expanded translation of (57). Special symposium with discussion by Marc Berg Michael Lynch, Yrjo Engelström and a response by the author, Vol.3, n°4, pp.228-245 & 246-269


This article of social theory reintroduces the object inside the definition of society and shows how this can solve the debate between « micro” and « macro” definitions of social order. It adds to inter-subjectivity the notion of « inter-objectivity” in order to redefine the notion of agency, of action and of actor. It then proceeds to modify the definition of action.


2007: Russe / Russian
« Об интеробъективности » in Sociological Review, Tome 6, n°2 (Moscou) traduit par Victor Vakhshtayn, 2007