A Dialog on Actor Network Theory with a (Somewhat) Socratic Professor

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In The Social Study of Information and Communication Study, edited by C. Avgerou, C. Ciborra, and F.F. Land, Oxford University Press, pp.62-76, 2004 [Republished in Livres/Books (XII)]


Actor-network-theory is both a now well known method of social science –especially influential in organisation and information studies- and yet quite misunderstood because of the way it establishes a link between theory and field work. This paper uses the unusual medium of dialog to presents the various difficulties that exist in trying to ‘apply’ ANT to a given subject. Through the use of polemics and irony it reviews as well many of the well known weaknesses of this methodology.


2004: Français / French
«Comment finir une thèse de sociologie ? Petit dialogue entre un étudiant et un professeur (quelque peu socratique) » in Une théorie sociologique générale est-elle pensable ?, Alain Caillé, A., Dufoix, S. (eds.), translated by Alain Caillé and Philippe Chanial, La Revue du M.A.U.S.S., n°34, p.154-172

2006: Portugais / Portuguese
« Como terminar uma tese de sociologia: pequeno dialogo entre um aluno e seu professor (um tanto socratico) » translated by José Glebson Vieira et al in Cadernos de Campo 14/15 2006 décembre 2006 p. 341-352

2007: Polonais / Polish
« Prolog w formie dialogu pomiędzy studentem i (cokolwiek) sokratycznym Profesorem », przeł. Krzysztof Abriszewski, Adrian Gahbler, Andrzej Kilanowski et al. „Teksty Drugie” 1-2: 127-143, 2007

2008: Chinois / Chinese