A Plea for Earthly Sciences

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Keynote adress at the British Sociological Association, East London, in Judith Burnett, Syd Jeffers and Graham Thomas (editors) New Social Connections: Sociology's Subjects and Objects, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 72-84 London, 2010


The extension of ecological crisis have also extended the need for a politics of science. To the point where the distinction between ‘natural’ and ‘social’ sciences has become moot : it might be more rewarding to direct our attention to ‘earthly sciences’ (not to be confused wiht ‘Earth science’).


2008: German
in Media Geography edited by Jörg Döring & Tristan Thielmann. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2008
2016: German
Translator: Robin Cackett
Reference: « Ein Plaedoyer für irdische Wissenschaften » in Herbert Kalthoff Torsten Cress & Tobias Röhl (ed) Materalität, Herausforderungen fur die Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften Wilhelm Fink, 2016pp. 89-102