Will Non-Humans be Saved ? An Argument on Ecotheology

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In Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute V. 15, 459-475, September 2008


Using for the first time explicitly some of the results of the Inquiry into the Modes of Existence, the paper tackles the difficult question of the relations between ecology and theology. It first elicits the contrast between science –reference- and religion –presence- in their common opposition with common sense. Then, following Whitehead, it takes apart the notion of “nature » to show that it is composed of two different modes of existence (building on 99). This makes possible a reinterpretation of the debate between religion and science around the key figure of Darwin freed from the constraints imposed upon him by a false debate about “nature”. It ends by offering another connection between religion and creation –or rather creativity (building on 107 and 109).


2009 : Italien / Italian
« I non-umani saranno salvati? Una discussione in ecoteologia » in Biblioteca Husserliana. Rivista di fenomenologia, Monografie, Vol.II, 2009.

2009: Polonais/ Polish
« Czy nie-ludzie zostaną zbawieni? Argument ekoteologiczny », tłum. M. Bokiniec, [w]: Ekologia. Przewodnik Krytyki politycznej, Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej, Warszawa, s. 18-52, 2009.