Coming Out as a Philosopher

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Lecture for the reception of the Siegfried Unseld Preis, Francfort, September 2008 sous une forme légèrement modifiée dans/ published in a modified form in: Social Studies of Science Vol. 40, n°4 August 2010, pp. 599-608


For twenty years a systematic philosophical project has been pursued on the side: that is, to compare each of the ways in which truth production are being defined in the European tradition inside which philosophy has developed. Thus, to the analysis of networks that has been the main object of publications so far, another feature has to be added: the “key » in which each type of network is able to spread, this key defining for each “mode of existence » the felicity and infelicity conditions necessary to grasp it. It is this philosophical project that aims at providing a positive philosophical anthropology of the moderns in place of the only negative argument, proposed so far, that “we have never been modern”. The lecture offers an alternative intellectual biography and a sketch of the philosophy to be published later.


2008: Allemand / German
« Selbstporträt als Philosoph » - Rede anläßlich der Entgegennahme des Siegfried Unseld Preises, Frankfurt, 2008