Spheres and Networks. Two Ways to Reinterpret Globalization

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In Harvard Design Magazine, Spring/Summer, 30 pp. 138-144, 2009


A joint lecture with Peter Sloterdijk to explore the two concepts of “sphere » and of “network”, the paper (in line with 112) shows that there is only an apparent contradiction between the two concepts, contradiction that is maintained only as long as the nature/society trope is maintained. Both concepts act as an alternative definition of space and, although they seem to restrict the expansion of modernism concepts (especially nature), they are in effect the only way to find rooms for the artificial and material conditions of an ecological space.


2009: Français / French
« Sphères et réseaux, deux façons de saisir le global », in Les Etudes du CFA n° 26, Septembre 2009

201-: Russe/Russian
by Luba Bronzino in " Bulletin of people's " Friendship, University of Russia " http://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=9657

Republication republication in "Space: Critical Concepts in Geography", edited by Peter Merriman, Routledge, 201-

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