La scienza in azione – Introduzione alla sociologia della scienza

(III) 1987
La scienza in azione – Introduzione alla sociologia della scienza

Date: 1998
Publisher: Edizioni di Comunità, Torino
Translator(s): Silvio Ferraresi
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-8824505512


Written for a large public interested in renewing the understanding of scientific practice and its connection with the rest of society this book uses anecdotes, case studies, examples from many different periods and disciplines, to define rules of methods which can be used in following scientists around; the key role is given to non-humans, that is to associations that cut accross the former divide between nature and society. It can be used as a general introduction to science studies.

Original Title
Other Translations

Ciencia En Accion

Ciencia En Accion

Date: 1992
Publisher: Editorial Labor SA
Translator(s): anon.
Language: Spanish

La Science en action

Date: 1987 [1995 : slightly revised pocket edition, with a new foreword by Folio-Essai, Gallimard; 2005: reedited by Poche La Découverte]
Publisher: La Découverte
Language: French

Wetenschap in Actie

Wetenschap in Actie

Date: 1988 [1995 Pocket edition]
Publisher: Bert Bakker Publishing
Translator(s): anon.
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 9035106156