On recalling ANT

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in John Law & John Hassard (editors) Actor Network and After, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, pp. 15-25.


Thank you for asking someone who never used the word actor-network to speak at the introduction of this meeting. I guess that the division of labor between John Law and I is that since, according to the title of the conference, he has talked about “ANT” , thus my topic must be: “and after”. Hopefully there is a life after ANT. Like Antony I can say “I am not here to praise ANT but to bury it”. Let us do the burial properly so that from the ashes something else can ressuscitate.
I will start by saying that here are four things that do not work with actor-network theory; the word actor, the word network, the word theory and the hyphen! Four nails in the coffin.


Language: German translation
In:Andréa Belliger & David J. Krieger ANThology - Eine Einführendes Hanbuch zue Akteur-Netzwerk-Theorie, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag
Date: 2006
Page: 561-572

Language: Korean
Translator: by Sungook Hong
Pubisher: in a volume on ANT, Séoul, 2010