Facing Gaia. Six Lectures on Natural Religion.

(XVI) 2013
Facing Gaia. Six Lectures on Natural Religion.

Date: February 2013
Publisher: unpublished
Language: English


This is the 2013 version of the Gifford Lectures given in Edinburgh that corresponds roughly to the videos available on the Gifford lectures site.
The book of the same title Facing Gaia published first in French in 2015 and then translated in English and published in 2017 is a deeply different text with only the 3rd and 4th lecture of 2013 partially taken up in the final text. Although many of the themes are already here, they have been thoroughly rewoven (and translated anyway twice from English to French and then back to English!!) and includes two more lectures.
However, since in the last four years several people have commented on the original lecture text, it seems fit to leave available on the web a trace of the first version.