What to do with the idea of ecomodernism, if you have written that we have to choose between modernity and ecology?

Posted: June 25, 2015

There is one thing more difficult than to tell good from evil, it is to decide which time we are in, which epoch, and on which land we have our feet on. I was reminded of that difficulty Saturday at the border when the police officer, after having asked me what research I was doing, and on learning that I work en environment with a special interest for the drought, retorted: “Drought, which drought? Have you not read the Bible, it is all there, 7 years dry, 7 years wet, I have been in California for forty years, it’s always like this, it never fails. So don’t believe environmentalists, there is no drought”, and then he vigorously stamped my passport. Same thing here, which time and space are we in?