The Trouble with Actor-Network Theory.

The Trouble with Actor-Network Theory. application/pdf icon

in Finn Olsen (special issue of the Danish philosophy journal ), « Om aktor-netvaerksteroi. Nogle fa afklaringer og mere end nogle fa forviklinger » Philosophia, Vol. 25 N° 3 et 4, pp.47-64; (article écrit en article written in 1990.


Three resources have been developped over the ages to deal with agencies. The first one is to attribute to them naturality and to link them with nature. The second one is to grant them sociality and to tie them with the social fabric. The third one is to consider them as a semiotic construction and to relate agency with the building of meaning. The originality of science studies comes from the impossibility of clearly differentiating those three resources. Microbes, neutrinos of DNA are at the same time natural, social and discourse. They are real, human and semiotic entities in the same breath.


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