Technology is Society Made Durable

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In J. Law (editor) A Sociology of Monsters Essays on Power, Technology and Domination,Sociological Review Monograph N°38 pp. 103-132, 1991 [derived from (44)]


Social theory always had difficulty in explaining social order and especially power; the article contends that part of the difficulty comes from not understanding the entry point of non-humans and artefacts into the fabric of social order; they are responsible for the durability of social forces. A method to follow those common associations is offered.


1998: Espagnol / Spanish
« La tecnologia es la socideda hecha para que dure » in Miquel Domènech y Francisco J. Tirado (Comps.) Sociología simétrica. Ensayos sobre ciencia, tecnología y sociedad. Barcelona: Gedisa pp.109-142, 1998

Traduction suédoise en recueil de texte voir / Swedish translation in reader see book CT(ii)

2006: Allemand / German
In Andréa Belliger & David J. Krieger ANThology - Ein Einführendes Handbuch zur Akteur-Netzwerk-Theorie, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag, 2006 pp.369-398

2013: Polonais/ Polish
Translated by: Lukasz Afeltowicz
Reference:«Technologia jako utrwalone społeczeństwo»
Journal: Avant. Pismo Awangardy Filozoficzno-Naukowej 1/2013