Whose Cosmos ? Which Cosmopolitics ? A Commentary on Ulrich Beck’s Peace Proposal ?

Whose Cosmos ? Which Cosmopolitics ? A Commentary on Ulrich Beck’s Peace Proposal ? application/pdf icon

In Common Knowledge, Vo. 10 Issue 3 Fall 2004 pp.450-462 [Republication de republication of Whose cosmos, which cosmopolitics? Comments on the Peace Terms of Ulrich Beck, in Caroline Y. Robertson-von-Trotha (sous la direction de) Kultur und Gerechtigkeit, Nomos Baden Baden 2007, 43-56. Second Republication in Jeffrey Perl (editor) Civilian Scholarship, Duke University Press, 200-]


Cosmopolitism is one of the great traditions in political philosophy, human rights and international law. There is however, a much more recent and small interest in cosmo-politics, as exemplified by Isabelle Stengers’ philosophy. In the first one, the cosmos –assimilated with nature- is taken for granted and politics is taken as meaning international or global. In the other tradition, however, cosmos and its potential unity is precisely what is up for grabs. The paper comments Ulrich Beck’s lead article and increases the contrast between the two. Like (85) and (87), this article explores the possibility that constructivism might be a better resource for universality than naturalism.


2007: Français / French
« Quel cosmos, quelles cosmopolitiques?» in Jacques Lolive et Olivier Soubeyran (sous la direction de) L’émergence des cosmopolitiques- Colloque de Cerisy, Collection Recherches, La Découverte, Paris, 2007 pp. 69-84.
Republication en français republication in French in Emilie Hache (sous la direction de) Ecologie politique, cosmos, communautés, milieux, Editions Amsterdam, Paris 2012, pp. 35-50.

2015: Espagnol/Spanish
Traducteur: Ernesto Feuerhake
Titre: «El cosmos de quien ? Que cosmopolitica ? Commentarios sobre los términos de paz de Ulrich Beck»
Journal: Pleyades, Chilean Journal of political philosophy, numero 14 Centro de Análisis e Investigación Política (CAIP), pp. 43-39

2018: Portuguese
Traducteur: de Stelio Marras
Titre: « Qual cosmos, quais cosmopolíticas? Comentário sobre as propostas de paz de Ulrich Beck”
Journal: Revista do Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros, Brasil, n. 68, p. 428-441