The Promises of constructivism

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Chapter for a book in Don Ihde (editor) Chasing Technology- Matrix of Materiality, Indiana Series for the Philosophy of Science, Indiana University Press, pp. 27-46, 2003


Constructivism is a much abused word. But since Ian Hacking has done a review of some of his meanings, an effort is made to see how it can be rescued from the disrepute of ‘social’ constructivism. Special stress is put on the metaphors of construction and on the models of action implied by its different meanings. An alternative is offered to the classification offered by Hacking and a strong contrast is established between constrcution and deconstruction


2003: Allemand / German
In Jörg Huber (editor) Interventionen 12, Zürich Edition Voldemeer, pp. 183-208, 2003