Steps Toward the Writing of a Compositionist Manifesto

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In New Literary History, Vol. 41, 471-490, 2010.


In this paper, written in the outmoded style of a “manifesto”, an attempt is made to use the word “composition” as an alternative to critique and “compositionism” as an alternative to modernism. The idea is that once the two organizing principles of nature and society are gone, one of the remaining solutions is to “compose” the common world. Such a position allows an alternative view of the strange connection of modernity with the arrow of time: the Moderns might have been future-centered but there is a huge difference between the future of people fleeing their past in horror and the “shape of things to come”, that, strangely enough, now appears suddenly in the back of humans surprised by their ecological crisis.


Translation: Allemand/ German
Translator: Hagen Schölzel
Reference: « Versuch eines „Kompositionistischen Manifests“ » in Zeitschrift für Theoretische Soziologie, N°1, 2013 pp. 8-30 (with a postscript).

Republication in English:
Reference: in Catherine de zegher Gerald McMaster "Catalogue of the18th Biennale Sydney", 2012 pp. 65-78.

Republication in English
Reference: Valérie Deifel, Bernd Kraefner and Virgil Widrich (editors) An envelope for arts, sciences, politics and us. Mixing realities and mediating myths and methods, Springer Wien New York, pp. 12-35, 2012.

Language: Spanish (Mexico)
Translator: Luciano Concheiro
Journal: Fractal, Mexico City, special issue on manifests