June 2014

HfG students work with AIME team

SPEAP 2013-14


Juin 2014

classe 2014


Karlsruhe ZKM

Février 2014

tournée de Gaia Global Circus


Goldsmith London N. Marres's lab

February 2014

Face to face meeting on [POL]


Sciences Po

Février 2014

première année, premiers résultats

Meeting on the beings of Fiction

Weimar IKKM
June 2013
First "diplomatic" encounter of the AIME project

Banquet for the reception of the Holberg Prize

Bergen Hakkon Hall
5th of June 2013

St Cecilia Hall University of Edinburgh


18th February 2013

First Gifford Lecture on 'Facing Gaia' — discussion time

The Angel of Geostory by Stefany Ganachaud

Sciences Po

February 2013

The dancer Stefany Ganachaud played in February 2013 for the project Gaia Global Circus and filmed by Jonathan Michel

Promo 2011-2012 de l'Ecole des arts politiques (SPEAP)

Sciences Po rue des Saints Pères, la salle H8

La deuxième année de SPEAP-février 2012

Privilège de SPEAP: une petite salle dédiée où se joue toute l'année ce programme original à l'interface des arts et des sciences sociales

News & Logs

The diplomatic encounter between the different tiers of co-inquirers, "chargés d'affaires" and public (including the public present through the video...
July 29, 2014
In English: (128) « Agency at the time of the Anthropocene », in New Literary History Vol. 45, pp. 1-18, 2014. Publication of the...
June 4, 2014
From the 21st to the 25th of July we (AIME team with mediators and some privileged rewriters!) will sketch all the changes, additions,...
June 4, 2014
The 2014 Tanner lectures at Yale have been given by Bruno Latour the 26th and 27th of March 2014 on the question of agency. They have been followed...
March 30, 2014
On Monday the 24th of February 2014, the Copenhagen Business School has been kind enough to organize a public lecture during which we have been able...
March 4, 2014
Kosmokoloss. Eine Tragikomödie über das Klima und den Erdball Mit Wolfgang Pregler, Gabriel Raab, Marie Seiser, Kathrin von Steinburg,...
December 8, 2013
Kyle McGee is a lawyer who is simultaneously a practitioner and a legal philosopher. His book about the "normativity of networks" puts to...
November 2, 2013

Books & Edited Volumes

(XV) 2013

Date: August 2013
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.
Translation: Cathy Porter
Language: English

The result of a twenty five years inquiry, it offers a positive version to the question raised, only negatively, with the publication, in 1991, of ''We have never been modern'': if ''we'' have never...
(XIII) 2009
On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods

Date: April 2009
Publisher: Duke University Press
Translator(s): Heather MacLean and Cathy Porter
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0199256051

Belief is not a state of mind, but a result of the relationships between peoples; this has been known since Montaigne. The visitor knows, the visited believes; or quite the opposite, the visitor knew...
(XII) 2005
reassembling the social oxford

Date: 2005
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language: English

“Everyone seems to know with what sort of forces and in which sort of materials the social world is made. I have always been struck, on the contrary, by the huge gap between the vast variety of...